The Mystery of the Lady of the Skies

A Terrifying Tale of Supernatural Horror on a Flight

Rukka Nova


Chapter 1: The Boarding

The flight was packed, and the passengers were all in a hurry to board. As Mark took his seat, he couldn’t help but notice that something was off. There was a strange feeling in the air, like a sense of impending doom.

As the plane took off, Mark began to feel increasingly uneasy. The flight attendants seemed on edge, and there was a sense of tension in the cabin.

As the plane reached cruising altitude, the cabin lights flickered, and the engines began to make strange noises. Mark felt a shiver run down his spine as he realized that something was very wrong.

Chapter 2: The Nightmare

As the plane continued to fly, the passengers began to notice strange things happening around them. The windows turned pitch black, and the air became thick and suffocating. Some passengers reported seeing shadowy figures moving around the cabin, while others felt cold fingers brushing against their skin.

Mark tried to calm himself down, but the fear was overwhelming. He felt like he was in a nightmare from which he couldn’t wake up. And then, the screams began.

One by one, the passengers began to scream in terror. Mark could see their faces contorted with fear as they cried out for help. He tried to reach for his phone, but it was dead, as were the phones of all the other passengers.

As the screams grew louder, Mark felt a sense of panic rising within him. He knew that he had to get off this plane, no matter what it took.

Chapter 3: The Escape

Mark unbuckled his seatbelt and ran to the nearest exit. The flight attendants tried to stop him, but he pushed past them and opened the door.



Rukka Nova

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